NeoCardio Lab


Welcome to the portal of the NeoCardio Lab. The principal investigator of the NeoCardio Lab is Dr. Gabriel Altit. We are a research laboratory interested in clinical and epidemiological neonatal cardiovascular research. This program is based at the McGill University Health Centre - Research Institute (MUHC-RI) and is part of the Centre for Health Outcomes Research (CORE). Dr Altit is an investigator affiliated with the Child Health and Human Development Program at the MUHC-RI. He is a pediatrician andneonatologist who has specialized in echocardiography.

My program of research is centered on gaining a better understanding of neonatal hemodynamics and how cardiac performance impacts outcomes in the immediate post-natal period, as well as during growth. My research involves newborns from the NICU at every stage of their life. I try to better understand if cardiovascular fetal evaluations can predict outcomes in the post-natal life. I am also interested in the immediate post-natal cardiovascular adaptation of newborns with different health conditions. I also have collaborations in the pediatric and adolescent medical world, in order to gain knowledge about cardiovascular outcomes of ex-graduate of the neonatal intensive care unit.

On this portal, you will find more information about my research interests, as well as my previous and current projects. Additionally, you will find information about opportunities to train in my laboratory. I am also always interested in collaborations with other investigators locally, nationally or internationally.

I would like to thank Just For Kids Foundation (and all the donors) for their generous contribution. With their generous contribution , we were able to obtain a state-of-the-art echocardiography machine, for the NeoCardio Lab, with full 2D and 3D capacities, as well as, the TomTec Arena software for advanced analysis. With their help, we will be able to better understand how cardiovascular function impacts the health of some of the most fragile newborns

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