Double Inlet Left Ventricle

Case 1

Example of a double inlet left ventricle. You will notice that this is a single ventricular physiology. More on DILV here.  The papillary muscles are attaching to the free wall of the morphological single left ventricle

Case 2

Double inlet univentricular connection of left ventricular morphology with outlet chamber. Normal tricuspid valve but mitral valve hypoplasia. Moderate bulboventricular foramen in univentricular heart with no obstruction of 6mm. L-malposition of the great arteries with the pulmonary artery posterior and right, arising from the main ventricular chamber, and the aorta anterior and to the left, arising from the outlet chamber. 

Parasternal long axis view indicating a single ventricular cavity. 

Subcostal view sweep with view of the single ventricle

Short axis of the subcostal view indicating that the pulmonary artery is arising from the main single ventricle. There is a bulboventricular foramen, with the aorta originating anterior. 

Apical view sweep showing the bulboventricular foramen and the aorta, as well as the main pulmonary artery originating centrally from the single ventricle. Single ventricle of LV morphology. No moderator band. 

Apical view - still view (no sweep). Pulmonary artery seen branching. Tricuspid valve to the right. Single ventricle to the right with left ventricular morphology. Bulboventricular foramen seen on the left side. 

Aorta is originating anteriorly.

Ductus arteriosus is bidirectional. 

Great arteries are parallel to each other.

Vessels are running parallel to each other. L-malposition of great arteries. 

Pathological example from the Maude Abbott Medical Museum

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