Fetal Dilated Cardiomyopathy

 Case of severe fetal dilated cardiomyopathy

Zoom on the mitral and tricuspid valve which are seen to open and close. The flap of the foramen ovale is seen also going toward both sides of the septum, possibly indicating a bidrectional flow. The AV valves open only shortly, possibly indicating poor filling. The heart is dilated. There is severe systolic dysfunction.

Dilated cardiomyopathy. THe apex of the RV looks trabeculated from the distension. 

Apical views outlining the architecture of the tricuspid and mitral valve. One may appreciate also in the last panel, the pulmonary valve which is seen opening and closing, indicating that there is forward flow.

Colour box indicates that there is filling through the tricuspid valve and some regurgitation.  Colour indicates that there is flow going towards the LVOT. One may also appreciate the mitral insufficiency. 

PFO indicates that there is flow occasionally left to right, indicating high LA pressure from likely the severe LV dysfunction. 

Arch does not look obstructed

Tricuspid insufficiency

Aortic valve opens and closes, indicating that there is forward flow.

Dilated heart relative to the chest

TAPSE indicates reduced RV function

Some degree of Aortic Valve hypoplasia

Both atrio-ventricular valves are open

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