Ongoing Research Projects

Projets de recherches en cours

Here are some of the ongoing prospective studies at the NeoCardioLab

Pulmonary Vascular Disease and Cardiac Performance in Extreme Preterm Infants


Pamphlets for parents



AMEN_FIFC-Francais- Multi_20210126_REBapproved (4).pdf

Formulaire de consentement en français

AMEN_FIFC anglais-MULTI_20210126_REBapproved (3).pdf

Consent form in english


Data collection form


Echocardiography protocol

Exploratory Observational Prospective Study in Neonatal and Pediatric Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

MULTI CDH PAMP_FREN_20210113_REBapproved.pdf

Information pour les parents

CDH Pamphlet ENG_MULTI 20210113_REBapproved.pdf

Pamphlets for parents

MUHCCDH (1).pdf

Data collection

CDH MULTIResearch Protocol_20210202_REBapproved.pdf


MULTI CDH CONSENT FRENCH_20210202_REBapproved.pdf

Formulaire de consentement en français

MULTI CDH CONS ENGL_20210202_REBapproved.pdf

Consent form in english

SPEC Study - Surveillance of Postnatal steroids Effects on Cardiac function in extremely preterm infants with evolving BPD

Clinical Trials Link

DEXA_Pamphlet -FR_ENG.pdf

Pamphlet for parents

SPEC Study protocol_01022021.pdf



Formulaire de consentement en français

Dexamethasone_ICF_ ENG_01022020_REBapproved.pdf

English Consent form

Data collection form.SPEC study.JUNE_22_2021-NO_Track.pdf

Data collection form

Echo sequence.pdf

Echocardiography sequence and lung ultrasound

SPECTRIAL_Echoreport (2).pdf

Echocardiography measurements

NIRS in Congenital Heart Defects - Correlation With Echocardiography

Clinical Trials Link

NIRS Pamphlet.pdf

Pamphlets for parents

NIRS Pamphlet-fr.pdf

Informations pour les parents

NIRS ICF_English_02072019_REBapproved.pdf

Consent form

NIRS FIC_Fr_02072019_REBapproved.pdf

Formulaire de consentement



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