Heart Rate Variability

This is a module explaining how to save the data from a heart rate variability study at bedside for projects at the NeoCardioLab.

ECG Acquisition guide (1).pdf
  • For the SPEC STUDY – Download data on the SPEC study folder on the desktop

  • The study name should be: SPEC_STUDYID_DAYXX

  • The password for the computer is taped onto the computer itself

  • Keep a second copy of the Template in case of overwrites (there can be one on the desktop and a separate one in the SPEC folder, for example, or kept in USB)

  • After the study, you can always go back and edit, delete, or add comments (it's difficult to do while the study is ongoing)

  • Keep a package of ECG leads on the cart in case you need to replace leads during the set-up

  • Make sure to CUT the leads so that there is the least amount of adhesive material on the baby.

  • Record ideally a 70-minutes block.

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