Head Ultrasound

Papile's classification for intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH):

  1. Grade I: restricted to germinal matrix subependymal area

  2. Grade II: hemorrhage is extending inside the normally-sized ventricle (will usually fill less than 50% of the ventricle)

  3. Grade III: hemorrhage with extension into a dilated ventricle (typically fills more than 50% of the ventricle)

  4. Grade IV: hemorrhage that extends in the parenchyma

Patient with no IVH

Sagittal view

Coronal view

Patient with interventricular hemorrhage grade 4 on the right side and grade 3 on the left side:

Example of a sweep identifying the anterior cerebral artery with the pericallosal artery

Pulse-wave Doppler in the pericallosal artery identifying the systolic and diastolic flow velocities. This patient has normal anterograde diastolic flow.

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