The SAVING BABIES study - Sonographic Assessment Validation study for Neonatal Global health improvement

Principal Investigator: Gabriel Altit, Neonatologist, Montreal Children’s Hospital 

Co-PI: Irina Prelipcean (University of Rochester [UofR])

Collaborators: Pia Wintermark (MCH), Michelle Ryan (MCH), Anie Lapointe (CHUSJ), Elisa Ruano Cea (MCH), Wadi Mawad (MCH), Joseph Kuebler (UofR).

Supported by the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation - New Direction Grant

April 24, 2024 - We are pleased to announce the recruitment of our first patient for the SAVING Study at the Montreal Children's Hospital site. We extend our gratitude to the family for agreeing to participate in this project, thereby enabling us to refine the procedural workflow for our collaborating sites. Stay tuned for more updates on this project! Here is a picture taken while we were conducting scans for this project.

24 avril 2024 - Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer le recrutement de notre premier patient pour l'étude SAVING au site de l'Hôpital pour enfants de Montréal. Nous tenons à remercier la famille d'avoir accepté de participer à ce projet, ce qui nous permet d'affiner le déroulement de la procédure pour nos sites collaborateurs. Restez à l'écoute pour plus de mises à jour sur ce projet ! Voici une photo prise lors de la réalisation des scans pour ce projet.

Dr. Prelipcean is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Neonatology at University of Rochester who cares for sick newborns in the neonatal ICU. She graduated from the University of Central Florida College of Medicine as part of the school’s charter class. She completed her residency and neonatology fellowship at the University of Florida Health Shands Children's Hospital. Her area of academic focus is the improvement of outcomes in critically ill neonates, specifically on the hemodynamics and biomarkers involved in neonatal adrenal and brain dysfunction. She has a special interest in point-of-care ultrasound and targeted echocardiography in the neonatal ICU. Dr. Prelipcean is the co-investigator and local PI (University of Rochester) to the SAVING study.


Pamphlet for family - Français & English




Consent form in French / Consentement en français


Consent form in English


Data dictionnary / codebook

SAVINGSTUDY data entry.pdf

Data collection sheet and procedures



Video for procedures

Still-frames for Parasternal Long Axis

LA/Ao M-Mode

Tip of Mitral Valve M-Mode

Aortic valve - peak of opening for LVOT measurement

Posterior - Tricuspid valve opening

Still frame at Pulmonary Valve opening

Clip with anterior sweep for pulmonary valve.

Still-frames for Parasternal Short Axis

Peak of diastole (filled) at papillary muscle view

Peak of systole (contracted) at papillary muscle view

M-Mode at tip of mitral valve

LA/Ao M-Mode

Still frame at Pulmonary Valve opening

Another Still frame at Pulmonary Valve opening

RVOT - PW Doppler with baseline completely to the top.

Still-frames for Apical Views

Apical 4 chamber view. 

Apical 2 chamber view. 

Peak of diastole for RV (TV opened)

Peak of diastole for RV (TV closed)

Peak of systole for RV (RV closed)

TAPSE - M-Mode crossing Apex and Tricuspid attachement to free wall

A4C with Tricuspid and Mitral valve open in diastole.

Peak of diastole for LV (MV closed)

Peak of systole for LV (MV closed)

Another peak of diastole for LV (MV closed)

Another peak of systole for LV (MV closed)

MAPSE - M-Mode crossing Apex and Mitral attachement to free wall

Peak of diastole for LV (MV open for MV measurement)


Peak of diastole - A2C

Peak of systole - A2C

A5C with visualization of LVOT

Suprasternal and PDA view

Colour in descending arch

Arch by 2D clip

Still frame of arch at peak of filling.

PDA sweep - no PDA.

Subcostal view

Subcostal view. The Liver is on top of the screen. The right atrium sits on the liver and the left atrium is posterior.

By using colour flow from the cardiac present (pediatric) we can appreciate the presence of a left to right inter-atrial shunt (likely patent foramen ovale)

Head Ultrasound

Coronal view for ventricular size (lateral ventricle with 3rd ventricle view)

Corpus callosum area on sagittal view

Coronal view for ventricular size (lateral ventricle with 3rd ventricle view)

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