Early-life MRI biomarkers of longer-term respiratory morbidity in infants born extremely preterm (EMBLEM)

Principal Investigator: Dr Sherri Katz 

Dr Katz is the principal investigator of the Early-life MRI biomarkers of longer-term respiratory morbidity in infants born extremely preterm (EMBLEM) study. She is a pediatric respirologist at CHEO in Ottawa. The study is funded by CIHR. The NeoCardioLab is a collaborator to the study. CHEO-RI profile. Started recruitment at the Montreal Children's Hospital - NeoCardioLab: January 2024.

La Dre Katz est le chercheur principal de l'étude EMBLEM (Early-life MRI biomarkers of long-term respiratoire morbidity in infants born extreme preterm). Elle est pneumologue pédiatrique au CHEO à Ottawa. L'étude est financée par les IRSC. Le NeoCardioLab est collaborateur de l'étude. Profil IR-CHEO. Début du recrutement à l'Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants - NeoCardioLab : janvier 2024.

Echocardiography Protocol


Standard of Practice (SOP) Manual

Study Procedure Manual draft EMBLEM-March 30, 2024.pdf

Study Flow

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At the Montreal Children's Hospital / NeoCardioLab:

Daniela Villegas Martinez - Research Coordinator


Roya Shamsi and Naomi Dussah - Research Coordinators

Research Team - Canadian Collaboration

Dr. Giles Santyr (Imaging Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children - SickKids)

Dr. Nishard Abdeen (Radiologist, CHEO)

Dr. Gabriel Altit (Neonatologist, Montreal Children’s Hospital - MCH)

Dr. Nicholas Barrowman (Biostatistician, CHEO)

Dr. Mary-Louise Greer (Radiologist, SickKids)

Dr. Andreea Gorgos (Pediatrician, MCH)

Dr. Amish Jain (Neonatologist, Mount Sinai Hospital)

Dr. Zonah Kumalo (Radiologist, MCH)

Dr. Larry Lands (Pediatric Respirologist, MCH)

Dr. Anie Lapointe (Neonatologist, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte Justine - CHU Ste-Justine)

Dr. Suzie Lee (Pediatric Cardiologist, CHEO)

Dr. Thuy Mai Luu (Pediatrician, CHU Ste-Justine)

Dr. Adel Mohamed (Neonatologist, Mount Sinai Hospital)

Dr. Theo Moraes (Pediatric Respirologist, SickKids)

Dr. Anne Monique Nuyt (Neonatologist, CHU Ste-Justine)

Dr. Grace Parraga (Imaging Scientist, Robarts Research Institute)

Dr. Prakeshkumar Shah (Neonatologist, Mount Sinai Hospital)

Dr. Bernard Thébaud (Neonatologist, CHEO)

Dr. Jens Vogel-Claussen (Radiologist, Hannover Medical School)

Dr. Andreas Voskrebenzev (Imaging Scientist, Hannover Medical School)

Ms. Fabiana Bacchini (Executive Director, Canadian Premature Babies Foundation)

Dr. Nadya Ben Fadel (Neonatologist and Neonatal Follow-Up Specialist, CHEO)

Dr. Ramy El-Jalbout (Radiologist, CHU Ste-Justine)

Dr. Andreea Gorgos (Neonatal Follow-Up Specialist, MCH)

Dr. Robert Jankov (Neonatologist, CHEO)

Dr. The Thanh Diem Nguyen (Pediatric Respirologist, CHU Ste-Justine)

Dr. Kamini Raghuram (Neonatal Follow-Up Specialist, Mount Sinai Hospital)

Team at the Montreal Children's Hospital - McGill University Health Centre Research Institute

Carollyn Hurst - MRI technologist

Daniela Villegas - Research Coordinator

Dr Gabriel Altit - Neonatology

Dr Larry Lands - Pediatric Pulmonology

Dr Zonah Khumalo (Radiologist)

Jacinthe Baril - Manager Technical Platforms, Clinical Research and Operations

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada

Project supported by funds from the CIHR.

Projet supporté par des fonds des IRSC.

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