Orientation to fetal position and visceral/abdominal situs

In these views, you will appreciate the initial assessment of the fetal orientation regarding  right/left - anterior/posterior. It is important to establish the position of the cardiac segments and their relationships. This includes: visceral/abdominal situs (stomach, liver position), position of the portal vein, descending aorta, and inferior vena cava relative to the axial plane of the the abdomen and the position of the cardiac apex position and axis in the chest.

Scan through the body of the fetus, placenta seen on top

Same scan but slowed-down. The cardiac axis is seen within the fetal chest towards the left of the fetal thorax. 

Cross-section through the fetal abdomen indicating the descending aorta to the left of the SVC. The liver is on top. The stomach is to the left and on top of the spleen. 

Scan through the body of the fetus, placenta seen on top

Same scan but slowed-down

Another scan through the fetal body

Another scan through the fetal body

Breech presentation

From Presentation by Dr Wadi Mawad - Pediatric Cardiologist at Montreal Children's Hospital

Situs Sweep:

Performance of sweep:

Visualization of the outflow tracts

3 vessel view

The cardiac axis is important to assess as this can be a sign of CHD. By drawing a line between the vertebral body and the sternum and a second line along the long axis of the heart. The usual axis is around 45 degrees. The cardiac apex points to the left and the heart occupies the left chest. The size of the heart is easily assessed in 4 chamber view. By circumference or area. As a general rule, the heart should not occupy more than 1/3 of the chest.

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