Students - Étudiants

McGill University:

Madison Meehan (Medical Student - McGill University)

Project: Cardiac evaluation of survivors with CDH

Lara Berliner (Medical Student - McGill University)

Project: Echocardiographic predictors of pulmonary hemorrhage in the extremely premature newborn.

Jamine Vafi, MD (Resident in Pediatrics)

Project: Diazoxyde in the neonatal population

Supervision in collaboration with Dr. Julia Elisabeth Von Oettingen - McGill University

Zahra'a Al-lawati, MD (Fellow in Pediatric Intensive Care)

Project: Neurological outcomes of premature newborns with home oxygen and pulmonary hypertension

Supervision in collaboration with Dr. Guilherme Sant'anna - McGill University

Patrick Kavabuchi, MD (Post-Doctoral Research Fellow)

Project: Cardiovascular outcomes of previous neonatal graduates during adulthood.

Supervision in collaboration with Dr. Thérèse Perreault and Dr. Jennifer Landry - McGill University

Javiera Retamal Martínez, MD (Fellow in Pediatric Cardiology)

Project: NEC risks for newborns on PGE

Supervision in collaboration with Dr. Tiscar Cavalle-Garido - McGill University

Stanford University:

Ganesh Sivakumar, BSc.

Cardiac mechanics in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

Supervision in collaboration with Dr. Krisa Van Meurs - Stanford University

Alexis Dal Col, BSc

Echocardiography Assessment in Omphalocele newborns

Supervision in collaboration with Dr. Jeffrey Feinstein - Stanford University

Dylan Edward O’Connor, MD (Resident in Pediatrics at Stanford University)

Project: Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) in premature infants – Echocardiography correlate.

Supervision in collaboration with Dr. Valerie Chock - Stanford University

Université de Montréal

Chloe Moazzami (Medical Student - Université de Montréal)

Echocardiographic assessment of pulmonary pressures and right ventricular function in the premature newborn during pediatric life

Julie Sommer, MD (Neonatalogy Fellow Project - Currently Attending Neonatologist)

Project: Outcomes of twin-twin transfusion syndrome premature infants

Supervision in collaboration with Dr. Anie Lapointe - Université de Montréal


Joseph Benzazon (High School Student - Summer Research Project 2019)

Project: Normative values in 3D rotational analysis of the left ventricle and in 3D volumes in healthy adolescents

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