Students - Étudiants

McGill University:

Pasinee Kanaprach (Neonatal Hemodynamics Research Fellow)

Fellow in the Neonatal hemodynamics clinical research Fellowship Program 

Start: July 1st, 2023

Project: Cardiac and ductal impact of steroids exposure in prematurity

Carolina Michel (Neonatal Hemodynamics Research Fellow)

Fellow in the Neonatal hemodynamics clinical research Fellowship Program 

Started on September 6, 2022 - Finishing September 2023.

Project 1: NIRS in Congenital Heart Defect. In data analysis.

Project 2: Echocardiography in CDH follow-up - data extraction from the NORDIC-CDH program. In data extraction.

Sariya  Sahussarungsi (Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellow)

Project: 3D LV and RV volumes, rotational properties, at 48 hours of transition. 

Data Analysis ongoing.

Amanda Ohayon (MSc Student - Experimental Medicine)

Co-supervision with Dr Evelyne Vinet and Dr Lawrence Rudski. Will be studying the impact of lupus on maternal and neonatal cardiovascular health.

Manuscript production. Graduated MSc Program. 

2023 RI-MUHC Desjardins Studentship in Child Health Research. The RI-MUHC - Desjardins Studentship in Child Health Research selected her application entitled "Two-Dimensional Fetal Cardiac Deformation Exposed to Maternal Rheumatologic Conditions by Speckle Tracking Echocardiography" submitted in the fall of 2022. This award is valued at $10,000.00 for one year.

Alexandra Dimmer (MSc Student - Experimental Surgery)

General surgery resident doing a MSc in Experimental Surgery under the supervision of Dr Pramod Puligandla (Director of CDH Clinic). Prospective study on the quality of life in pediatric/adolescent population with CDH. Study using data collected in the context of the NORDIC-CDH program.

Abstract presented at numerous conference. 

Manuscript submitted.

Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy (Undergraduate student - McGill University)

Phoenix will be working on a population of newborn exposed to milrinone in the NICU and will look at echocardiographic signs of response to the medication and profile of these infants. 

Status: Data extraction

Nikola Wilk (Resident in Internal Medicine)

In conjunction with Dr Evelyne Vinet as a co-supervisor, Dr Wik will be looking at the strain of fetuses with exposure to maternal lupus and other rheumatological conditions. 

Preliminary results accepted for Canadian Rheumatology Association conference 2022. Abstract presented at PAS 2022. 

Manuscript in production.

Justine Morin (Medical Student)

Publication - "Exposure to maternal acetylsalicylic acid and the risk of bleeding events in extreme premature neonates"

Status: Completed

New project on the Left Atrial pressure and Wedge pressure in the context of ductal closure by cath - Data collection. 

Sam Amar (Medical Student)

Project: Fetal Coarctation - Strain by Speckle Tracking Evaluation

Status: Manuscript in peer-review

Mach-Gaensslen Bursary; Foundation of Canada, $3,200.00.

Nicholas McCutcheon Research Bursary ($2,000) in Medicine from the Fall 2022 Research Bursary Program competition

Michael Zrihan (Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Student)

Michael will be working on a project related to long-term outcomes of adults born with CDH. He will also compare the results of controls to our CDH population, regarding their quality of life questionnaires. 

Armin-Shahin Safai-Naini (Medical Student)

Armin is involved in data collection for the NORDIC-Prem study.

Joshua Hazan Mea (Medical Student)

Joshua will be involved in the NORDIC-SPEC Study. He will also be involved in investigating strategies to improve neonatal comfort during TnECHO and point of care ultrasound. Joined our team in December 2023.

Noushin Roofigari (Resident in Pediatrics)

Noushin will be involved in the post-natal cardiac transition by echocardiography in infants with Congenital Heart Defects. She is interested in pediatric cardiac sciences and is currently a resident in general pediatrics at McGill University. Joined our team in December 2023. 

Université de Montréal

Camilo José Lopez Ibarra (Post-graduate fellow in fetal cardiology)

Fetal strain in borderline left ventricle, as a predictor of post-natal requirement for intervention. 

Co-supervision with Dr Marie-Josée Raboisson (Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at CHU Sainte-Justine)

Status: Data extraction

Thomas Sonea (Medical Student - Université de Montréal)

Evaluation of lung ultrasound score in the context of prematurity and exposure to post-natal steroids

Status: Data extraction

Chloe Moazzami (Medical Student - Université de Montréal)

Echocardiographic assessment of pulmonary pressures and right ventricular function in the premature newborn during pediatric life

Status: involved in the data extraction

Concordia University

Eliana Saba (undergraduate student)

Student in Biochemistry at Concordia University. Eliana is doing a volunteer research experience at the NeoCardioLab, helping in various projects: recruitment, data collection, data consolidation, research procedures.

Presented the cardiovascular results on a long-term HIE cohort at the Congres Mère enfant 2023. 

Federal Fluminense University

Tamires Guimarães

Study: Tamires Guimarães will be working as a volunteer student researcher at the NeoCardioLab and will be working on data extraction for ongoing prospective studies. 

Summer student

Matthew Mazzarello (high school student)

Various research taks over the summer 2023. 

Presented: Fractional tissue oxygen extraction in neonates with congenital heart disease at the Congres Mère enfant 2023.

Maéva Royer (high school student)

Projects completed

Wael Abdelmageed (MSc Student - Experimental Medicine)

Co-supervision with Dr Natalie Dayan. Studying the impact of gestational hypertension on neonatal neurodevelopmental outcomes in those born at extreme of prematurity

"Abdelmageed WA, Lapointe A, Brown R, Gorgos A, Luu TM, Beltempo M, Altit G, Dayan N. Association between maternal hypertension and infant neurodevelopment in extremely preterm infants. J Perinatol. 2024 Jan 29. doi: 10.1038/s41372-024-01886-7. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38287138."

Thesis completed and approved (graduated). 

Joanne Delanay (Resident in Pediatric Hematology Oncology)

Co-supervision with Dr Catherine Goudie. Studying the impact of gestational hypertension on neonatal hematological factors in those born extremely prematurely.

Delaney J, Nunes GC, Simoneau J, Beltempo M, Malhamé I, Goudie C, Altit G. Thrombocytopenia and neonatal outcomes among extremely premature infants exposed to maternal hypertension. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2023 Feb;70(2):e30131. doi: 10.1002/pbc.30131. Epub 2022 Dec 7. PMID: 36478101.

Mayssa Moukarzel (Summer Undegraduate student)

Mayssa will be helping in the research activities of the NeoCardioLab. She will be involved in the data extraction of some of the prospective studies. Summer 2021. 

Participate in the data collection of the SPEC trial, as well as in the data collection for the Lupus project of Nikola Wilk

Madison Meehan (Medical Student - McGill University)

Project: Cardiac evaluation of survivors with CDH 

Involved in the data collection of the NORDIC-CDH study

Gabriela Simoes Lopes-Letendre (Elective - College Student)

Study: HIE vs controls - Semester exposure to research.

Ouma Thibert (Elective - College Student)

Study: HIE vs controls - Semester exposure to research.

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