As part of the Neonatology Division at the MCH,I collaborate with all the clinicians and investigators within the division. I have established close collaborations with all of the neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners. As a team, we work in an environment that strives to create knowledge in order to improve the outcomes of our patients. Our academic environment is vibrant, and practices are renewed with an evidence-based approach.

The Montreal Children's Hospital is a quaternary-care pediatric centre that is part of the McGill University Health Centre. As such, I collaborate with numerous investigators throughout the institution. My current collaborations are in cardiology, respirology, neonatology, neonatal follow-up, and surgery (CDH clinic).

The MUHC - Research Institute is one of the largest Canadian research institutes. The beauty of being part of the MUHC-RI can be found in its cross-disciplinarity. The Institute allows me to create wonderful collaborations with researchers in the fetal, pediatric, and adult world. Working here has provided me with opportunities to develop brilliant research projects in transnational medicine, bringing fundamental sciences to the bedside.

We collaborate closely with the neonatal division of the Jewish General Hospital, which is a McGill University affiliated hospital. My close collaborator is Dr Nina Nouraeyean. I am currently an associate member to the Lady Davis Research Institute - affiliated to the JGH.

I have numerous colleagues and collaborators at the CHU Sainte-Justine. More specifically, I work on projects with Dr. Anie Lapointe and Dr Andréane Villeneuve (TnECHO specialists), as well as Dr Anne-Monique Nuyt (who has been a mentor for me), pioneer in outcome research of the premature newborn. I am an associate member to their research insititute.

I have kept important links and collaborations with Stanford University and investigators at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. I am still involved in research related to premature newborns, newborns with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, newborns with congenital cardiac defects, newborns with omphalocele, and newborns with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. A special thanks to Dr Krisa Van Meurs, Dr Shazia Bhombal, Dr Valerie Chock, Dr Sonia Bonifacio and Dr Susan Hintz for their constant support!

As part of the CNN, the Montreal Children's Hospital investigators, including myself, have tight collaborations with investigators interested in neonatal outcomes across Canada.

Dr. Pia Wintermark and her team are close collaborators. They are interested in studying newborns with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, as well as other types of neonatal brain injury mechanisms.

Dr. Marie Brossard-Racine and her team are close collaborators. abcdresearch has an interest in magnetic resonance imaging of the brain in neonatal populations.

The NHRC "brings together the major academic centres around the world in the field of neonatal hemodynamics under one collaborative umbrella and provides clinicians a window into the evolving world of neonatal hemodynamics and access to training opportunities with renowned experts."

The “she MATTERS” (iMproving cArdiovascular healTh in new moThERS) project aims to understand if a breastfeeding intervention can improve blood pressure and markers of metabolic risk in women with recent hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP). Principal investigator: Dr Natalie Dayan - I am one of her collaborators. "Pregnancy complications are risk factors for premature cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke that are specific to women. Breastfeeding may be protective against development of hypertension and metabolic syndrome. Information gained from this program will inform personalized sex- and gender-specific approaches to CVD risk management."

Dr Sahar Saeed is an assistant professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at Queen's University. She received her Ph.D. in Epidemiology from McGill University and completed her CIHR-funded post-doctoral fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research interests lie at the intersection of policy evaluation, health outcome disparities, and knowledge translation, focusing on vulnerable populations. Her overarching goal is to understand the role of patient-, provider- and system-level facilitators and barriers to accessing health care. She is a close collaborator of the NeoCardioLab.

Other important collaborations:

A) With Dr Isabelle Malhamée and her team from the MUHC-RI (SARABI study on the impact of maternal preeclampsia on maternal and neonatal cardiovascular function)

B) With Dr Evelyne Vinet and her team from the MUHC-RI (At Heart Matters - study on the impact of maternal lupus on maternal and neonatal cardiovascular function)

C) With Dr Maria V Fraga and her team from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Lung ultrasound in congenital diaphragmatic hernia).

D) The team of the RESETPDA study - P.I. Dr Dany Weisz at Sunnybrooke Hospital - University of Toronto.

E) The team of the Comparative Effectiveness Trial on Dopamine vs Norepinephrine in neonatal sepsis (P.I. Dr Amish Jain, Dr Prakesh Shah, Dr Ashraf Kharrat).

F) The entre TnECHO Quebec Collaborative that is very involved in all the research collaborations in Quebec: Dr Audrey Hébert, Dr Anie Lapointe, Dr Andréanne Villeneuve, Dr Nina Nouraeyan, Dr Brahim Bensouda.

G) With Dr Marilyn Aita (Neuro-NQi project)

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